Golf players' handbook

This handbook is designed for golf beginners, but it also includes a lot of advice for experienced players. Please note the inconsistency of some recommendations arising from the golf specific elements treatise by different players and golf coaches. When selecting certain elements of the game it is necessary to consider various factors, such as physiology, age, physical condition, type of golf course etc. This manual compiles recommendations and advice of various coaches and professional athletes. There are elements in discussion which coincide the majority's opinion, but there are also differences when various opinions differ dramatically. We recommend you to listen to all opinions and to accept those that suit you defined empirically.

The first thing we recommend you start with is to watch the game of professionals' right on the course or on TV, it will help you to get involved and understand what golf is easier. Second – you need to exercise necessary muscle groups. And third - careful study all the basics. You need to remember the golden rule of golf: Play on the course as it is. Play the ball as it lies. And if neither the first nor the second is possible, act to justice. Justice is one of golf tenets and you must get used to this. Golf is a game of gentlemen – this is an important aspect to pay attention to, so it is obligatory to follow behavior etiquette on the golf course (unified for all courses in all countries). Non-compliance with etiquette is accompanied with serious remarks until the prohibition to play and withdrawal from golf tournaments. Please note that you must also comply with the rules of etiquette on training courses of all golf clubs to avoid spoiled mood and other consequences. Before start the training, we want to warn you about common mistakes made by new golfers. It is a natural desire of everyone who first came to the training course and picked up a golf club to blow the ball hard and to hit the ball at first training as many times as possible. The problem is that it is more problematic to correct bad playing habits than to learn to play properly initially. Another problem is that hauled back muscles or a pinched nerve will knock you out of the training process for a long time. We recommend you to be patient and to explore with the coach the maximum amount of theoretical and practical training and enjoy a good right play. Golf is extremely popular all around the world.

In the United States golf is called the game of presidents. Dwight Eisenhower went out every day to play golf on the White House lawn. The first official professional green appeared in White House during Bill Clinton's presidency. Golf in America is popular and loved as a national sport, in which the whole families are involved. There are a lot of opportunities to play golf in different states of the country. If you like to combine vacations with sport activity golf in Hilton Head resorts is a perfect opportunity for you to relax. This golf clubhouse offers excellent golfing amenities that fully comply with the requirements for different types of tournaments and national championships with large and landscaped parks with golf courses and other attractive opportunities for sports. It is also one of the best places to start training process. Here, professional golf coaches will learn you golf basic elements like grip. Grip is supposed to be very important element of golf art. The right ball blow directions as well as skills improvement opportunities depend greatly on proper grip. The need for proper grip is explained by the fact that when you hit the ball the muscles run on twisting, which is not typical for conventional human movement, and therefore the proper hand contact with the club will allow the muscles to work more efficiently. Golf professionals will pay attention to the concept of strong or weak grip. Once you have mastered the correct grip, you can go to the stand and prepare to make a blow.

There are golf clubs that are designed specifically for tourists. If you don't have an opportunity to play golf in your own country because of proper golf course lack, or because of weather conditions golf playing opportunities are very limited – you can play golf in the best American golf clubs. In America, the weather allows you to play golf all the year round in most of the states. You can get golf vacation in Indiana offers from various American online recourses. In other states, where all around year golf is not available, special premises were designed for indoor golf, where weather conditions can't stop the game. You will get a lot of impressions if you came to the United States when a world scale golf tournament or championship takes place. Such tournaments are held quite often in America. You will definitely love the game and start golf practicing sessions.

The most of big deals in the USA are made on golf courses. Today it is the most popular and prestigious sports in America. Therefore, every self-respecting person is not just a golf club member, but also has some amenities for training right at home or in the yard. There are golf academies and golf clubs of all sizes – common clubs, affordable for the majority of population as well as elite clubs, where the membership is permitted only for exceptional persons. Many business people, movie stars and important person come to golf club for rest. Many of these clubs are created especially for family vacations. For example, if you are busy with the game, you can be sure that your wife or kids have something interesting to do and they do not get bored. A wide range of additional services is provided in golf clubs, in addition to golf course. You can find Michigan golf courses very attractive for family vacations as there are also perfect opportunities for other outdoor activities like tennis and football. The most famous and elite clubs are located in Miami, Los Angeles, Southampton, Palm Beach, Pine Valley, Pebble Beach, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Boston and Chicago. If you manage to visit at least one of these golf clubs, you will learn what the true golf is!

Recently, one of tourist sites has conducted a survey on the most popular vacations time spending. This survey results were quite interesting and unexpected. It turned out that one of the most popular ways to spend leisure time is different gambling (mostly in casinos). 22 % of responders preferred this type of leisure time spending and it took the second place in the list. The first place (and there were no surprises) took vacation on the beaches of seas and oceans as 35 % of respondents chose that answer. And golf took the bronze with 20 % of holidaymakers' answers. There are excellent opportunities for playing golf in Kentucky as perfect golf courses are arranged by the majority of Kentucky golf clubs. Official figures confirm the popularity of golf as 28 million people play golf in America and there are more than 70 million golfers in the world. It is reported that American golf players spend on golf balls approximately 630 million dollars annually. This fact clearly shows the popularity of golf in the United States. Number of training centers and golf courses in Japan is second in the world after the United States. The number of golf fans in Japan is above 12 million. There are 5 millions of golf fans in Europe.