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The concept of customs broker is familiar to the world for over a hundred years. Customs Broker is a professional intermediary who represents the interests of the client, usually the company that is engaged in foreign trade activities, in customs, performing customs operations on its behalf. The duties of a broker is to organize and manage the process of customs clearance, ie the declaration of goods and transport, providing the necessary customs documents to authorities, presentation of the declared goods, as well as payment of all kinds of fees and charges.

The benefits of professional customs brokers assistance are obvious. The customs clearance and many other additional customs operations can be accomplished much faster, in case they are managed by professional broker, who know all the details and pitfalls of customs operations and know how to accelerate them. Special knowledge and communication skills allow professional customs brokers to save you a lot of time and money.

It has become very popular among companies of different levels and spheres of operation to turn for help to customs brokers. The main goal of any broker is to free the client from unnecessary bureaucratic customs fuss and accelerate the process of goods clearance and transportation them across the border. However, not everyone can be engaged in such an activity. In order to get a certificate, which allows person to declare the goods and perform all the task of customs broker, it is necessary to pass specialized courses and get a license. In order to perform such work a person should have a qualification certificate, which is issued by customs authorities to broker, after he passes the examination and finishes specific courses.

The work of customs broker is mainly office work, that is, work with documents. Also, sometimes it is necessary to inspect vehicles, wagons with goods. Although this job is quite complicated, it is also can be considered creative, because customs brokers have to deal with goods from all over the world. This is a very informative and interesting. The experienced professional in this field say that every customs broker must possess such basic personal qualities as responsibility, self-discipline, a desire for self-improvement.

Customs clearance is complicated science. Customs broker knows how to fill out a declaration, how much to pay for customs duties. Customs broker should constantly monitor the affairs of the customs. It is he who knows the doors that are opened for him when it is necessary. Goods possess many tests and examinations on the customs: registration, the actual inspection, debt payments, exchange controls, and so on. If you are interested in such an interesting profession as the specialist in customs operations, you can apply for new courses of

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